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Alliance Processors, Inc is dedicated to service. Our services include properly evaluating the customers' needs. Alliance supplies quality recycling services to restaurants, restaurant chains, food manufacturers, franchises, small businesses, government and military installations, theme parks, sports complexes and arenas. In servicing so many different facilities, Alliance has developed numerous containment systems to meet each and every varied need. We can correctly evaluate the right equipment for each store instead of one size fits all. This enables the customer to always be able to dispose of the used cooking oil. In many cases, city governments require a double containment system to insure against any leakages. Alliance has developed a container that meets these strict requirements.

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Alliance Processors, Inc utilizes only the highest standards in developing its quality feed ingredients. Our clients know that we guarantee the highest standards recommended by the trading rules.


Quality Feed Ingredients:

  • Yellow Grease: By far the most utilized feed ingredients sold by Alliance Processors. It has a low titer which allows for ease of handling even in the coldest of temparatures.
  • Choice White Grease: This product has a beautiful clear white color to it. This clarity shows the purity of this high grade grease.
  • Fancy Bleached Tallow: This is the highest grade tallow available to the cattle feed industry. A snow white color depicts the highest of quality standards utilized in its production.
  • Blended Feeding Fat: This customized product utilizes a combination of greases, tallows, and vegetable oils. The blending together of these ingredients produces a very high caloric oil that is fed in the custom cattle feeding markets.
Gas can pouring biodiesel


Alliance Processors recycles restaurant grease and turns it into a substance that is used to create biodiesel. Biodiesel is a nontoxic, biodegradable, clean burning fuel for diesel engines made from domestically produced, renewable fats and oils. Biodiesel has no sulfur or aromatic compounds and meets the EPA's ultra low sulfur diesel fuel protocol.

The Benefits:

  • Demand driver for alternative energy
  • Renewable Fuel Standards - Energy Policy Act of 2005
  • Reduction of foreign oil dependence
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Burns substantially cleaner than petroleum based diesel fuel
  • Biodiesel has lower sulfur content than petrodiesel
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, as well as carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM), and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions.
  • Easy adoption
  • Compatible with existing engines and fuel distribution infrastructure without modification