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Alliance Processors Inc.
Veteran-Owned Business

About Us

We are API

Since the company started in 1964, Alliance Processors, Inc. has implemented a company strategy of getting it right the first time. When Alliance first began recycling vegetable oil and cooking grease, it knew that quality was the key. Alliance devised a process that ensured that the finished product was first rate. Each and every employee is instructed in the time tested methods of quality first.

Our leadership

Harvey Earles

Harvey Earles

- Owner -

Harvey Earles has been in the edible oil recycling business since 1972 when he started working for his father unloading trucks while still in high school. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Harvey attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. While in school he also obtained his commercial pilot’s license. He still flies today and is an avid golfer. Going to work at an early age in the recycling business has given him tremendous experience in all aspects of the industry. Harvey purchased the business from the family in 1985 and has personally managed and operated since his ownership. Harvey moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1992 when he purchased an additional plant facility in the north Fort Worth area. Harvey has built plants in three states and continues to look for growth potential for his company. Harvey is married with 5 children and 6 grand children. Harvey and his wife, Laura, recently tied for 3rd place at the 5th Annual Pebble Beach Mixed Team Championship. “It was an experience of a lifetime”, Harvey said upon returning.

Ricci Cardillo

Ricci Cardillo

- General Manager -

Ricci Cardillo concluded a stellar career with the United States Navy. Ricci was a Hazmat specialist and safety supervisor with a background in fire fighting. Through his hard work and dedication he quickly moved through the ranks. He became the Lead Instructor for the Navy Operational Support Center, New Orleans, LA. He has been a proven leader throughout his naval career. With this unique and special training, along with the leadership skills honed by the United States Navy, Ricci was hired as the Logistics Supervisor in 2008. He was directly responsible for the daily routes, all collection personnel, and customer support for the collection of the company’s recyclable cooking oil. He was also in charge of the logistical set up crew and insuring that all cooking oil containment equipment used by the company meets city, state, and federal requirements. Ricci has now been promoted to General Manager. He oversees all operational programs for the company. He is dedicated to helping the environment by insuring that the company’s GREEN standards are met on a continuing basis. He enjoys working with the large customer base to bring complete satisfaction for the customer. With his additional duties of directly supervising the company’s four recycling facilities, he is in a better position to have a positive influence on the environment. Ricci is dedicated to a complete positive experience, both for the customer and for the employee.

We utilize only the highest standards in developing quality products

By recycling, Alliance has protected a future for the environment. By consistent quality checks, Alliance has generated a product that is beneficial to both the customer and the final end use. Get it done, and get it done right.